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Church & State

At its heart, Church & State is about informing and educating Christians and people of faith about the importance of religious freedom and the impending dangers of Marxism and progressive ideology. While traveling the country, host Lucas Miles has seen how devastating progressive policies and ideology have affected the church. He wants to use this show to encourage pastors to know their rights, and most importantly, to learn how to view current issues through a biblical worldview.

The Lucas Miles Show

The Lucas Miles Show hosts an eclectic list of top national guests, like Hollywood’s, Candace Cameron Bure, Mario Lopez, and Kathie Lee Gifford, to Christian pastors like Chad Veach and Will Graham, to news and culture figures such as Rabbi Leder, Sean Hannity, and more! The show features deep diving long form interviews to help Lucas and his audience get to know his guests in new and exciting ways. Lucas brings his background as filmmaker, pastor, author, entrepreneur, and lay theologian, to entertain, inform, and explore Christian news, current events, film, leadership, theology, and literature – all to encourage his audience and uplift Jesus! And with over 100 episodes, you can start binge listening now!

The Krissy Miles Show

Are you looking for real answers to life’s toughest problems? Are you tired of solutions that seem so empty and out of touch with reality that you could never believe them, let alone try them? After being beat down by religion, mistreated by supposed “Christians”, and letting other people’s opinions of me fuel my dysfunctional life, I discovered that the God I had been searching for was utterly and unequivocally different than who I thought he was.

  • Learn why mainstream Christianity has left many feeling broken, abused and outcast.
  • Determine to push past trite religious cliches and trust your instincts about God.
  • Gain unprecedented wisdom to help you navigate life’s most important questions.

Be the person you know you were meant to me. Get to know the real God that no one ever told you about. Upgrade your life so that it will never be the same.